Whitey Bay Big Batch Cook

We’re working with our local community to identify restaurants which have spare capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic and supply them with ingredients which can then be cooked and made into fresh and healthy meals in big batches before being delivered free of charge to people who have been made particularly vulnerable by the pandemic

We’re working in partnership with Whitley Bay Big Local to identify those people who are most in need, many of whom, for one reason for another, aren’t being offered the kind of support that those whom the government has classified as being extremely vulnerable are

We’ve also been talking with other charities such as The Cedarwood Trust, in particular their Second Bite Academy about the practicalities of how we can best identify those most at need and ways in which they can be supported

Someone once suggested the idea that society should be judged on how it treats its most vulnerable citizens – with the level of support we’re getting from both the local catering trade as well as residents volunteering to help out, Whitley Bay should be judged well – they’re helping spread the generosity from better off members of our community to help support those who aren’t as well off

We know times are hard for everyone but if you can spare some money to help you can rest assured that 100% it will be spent on ingredients to help feed people who are very much in need of a fresh and healthy cooked meal

To make a donation via our GoFundMe Page, please click here