How do I get involved?!

We’ve released a snapshot of our 2021/22 events program made by Steve our Program Officer. If you’re interested in joining in or interested in the Round Table and what we do then just register your interest on our Facebook page, drop us a message or email and click Interested on the event(s) of your choice. It’s as easy as that!

A successful first night! ??

Last night our Santa’s sleigh commenced it’s tour around Whitley Bay! We were super happy to see loads of people out cheering while Santa went by and he can’t wait to visit you all during the week.

We will be releasing the link to track Santa on our Facebook page just before starting the route (on Google Maps) so just make sure you’ve got that installed and you’ll be good to go.

Make sure to keep your distance from the sleigh and Santa, follow the link to our JustGiving page and keep using our text facility to choose your donation amount. We’re super grateful for everyone’s generosity during these times and we can’t wait to use the donations for great things in 2021.

Our Santa!

A COVID safe Christmas!

Although this year has been difficult for everyone we hope the Sleigh’s tour will bring a lot of cheer and joy to our local area. As you know things will be very different to last year and we want to make sure everyone follows the new COVID safe rules to we can visit the streets being as safe as possible!

Follow this handy poster to make sure everyone remains safe.

Pssttt… you can click here to find out all of the ways to donate!

Santa & his elves have been prepping ?

Over the past week Santa has been visiting local business, causes and hot spots planning his route for the sleigh!

He visited places like…. Request a Guest, Evan’s Bistro/Second Bite Bistro, Black Storm Brewery, Spanish City and Whitley Bay Big Local!

They all can’t wait to see you this year (from a distance of course) so hang tight, the routes are ready and will be heading on the website and facebook over the coming days!

Have a look at one of Santa’s helpers checking the sites out…

Santa’s back, back again!

Well the time has come, Christmas 2020 and although this year has been somewhat hectic and from the norm we think a sprinkle of Christmas cheer is exactly what the North East needs. We are delighted to announce that our Christmas Sleigh which toured the local area last year will be returning but with a difference! We will be following all COVID safe procedures and ensuring everyone maintains a minimum of 2 reindeer’s distance from Santa and his sleigh. Similar to last year you can track Santa throughout his route and pop outside of your house to wave and cheer! Have a look at the prep work the elf’s have been doing over the past few months to Santa’s sleigh! If Santa passes by and you wish to make an electronic donation to the Round Table to support local people & charities then head over to our Just Giving page (Santa & his elves will greatly appreciate it!). We hope to see you outside your houses waving and cheering while being COVID safe, to say hello to Santa!

Follow the sleigh’s progress on Facebook, Instagram and here on our website!

Would you like to see what we used the donations on last year? Click here to visit our Whitley Bay Big Batch Cook initiative!

Here are some photos from last year’s adventure…

Lick of Paint for the Bay Sleigh

Our newly acquired Santa’s Sleigh is undergoing a gradual transformation. We’ve managed to get hold of a trailer and spent an evening with a couple of paint tins and a few brushes giving it a new lease of life… just some decals and a few electrics and we’ll be good to go – although Santa’s currently on his summer holidays, we have it on good authority that there’s a chance he may be interested in checking out his new sleigh and maybe see if there’s anything he can do to help the people of Whitley Bay whilst he’s here… watch this space…